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The View

The View will be a new, dual use care facility, providing both long-term senior care and specialist convalescence care.

It is an exciting opportunity to build a vibrant and much needed care facility in the centre of the local community and retain the long-established care use on this site.

Please take a moment to look at our plans.

About us

The team at The View has over 25 years’ experience in providing specialist, highly individualised care. By providing both traditional senior care and state-of-the-art convalescence care for people of all ages, our plans will support every resident’s individual welfare and lifestyle.

We have developed an ethos which puts residents first and are committed to making all our homes vibrant and enjoyable places to live, ensuring the best possible quality of life for everyone who stays at The View.

Our Offer

Our offer will provide a new care home, together with premium nursing and convalescence facilities, offering up to seventy bedrooms alongside a hydrotherapy pool, steam room, sauna, gym, treatment and medical rooms, as well as other supporting facilities such as a hairdressing and beauty salon, restaurant, and café.

There will be around a 62% to 38% split, subject to local demand, between ‘traditional’ residential care provision and convalescence beds.

These modern care facilities will provide both for long-term residents and those seeking post-operative recovery. Our convalescence model will be open to people of all ages who are recovering from a variety of medical procedures.

This model will be unique to London, having already seen great success in European countries such as Germany and Austria.

Illustrative imagery showing what the new facility could look like

Illustrative view showing scheme from View Road

Illustrative view showing scheme from North Hill

Our Plans

  • The creation of a 70-unit long-term care home and convalescence facility, providing high-quality care and bespoke rehabilitation for those recovering from a variety of procedures.
  • A two-storey rehabilitation and wellness centre, including a gym, hydrotherapy pool, restaurant and other wellness facilities. This will be accessible to the local community, as well as to residents of the care and convalescence home.
  • Extensive landscaping to create an attractive garden and maintaining existing trees to ensure continued privacy between the site and its neighbours.
  • Incorporating sustainability into the design and utilising renewable technologies to reduce the energy footprint of the proposals.

We have held extensive discussions with local amenity groups, residents and the Council and its Quality Review Panel to inform our decisions on design and use.

We are still open to your thoughts, although our planning application has now been submitted – if you would like to provide any comment please do so via the Listening To You section.

You can also view the full application and make any comments on Haringey's online Planning Portal using the reference HGY/2021/3481.

Illustrative view of the garden
Illustrative view of residential terraces
Illustrative view showing scheme from View Road
Illustrative view showing scheme from North Hill

Specialist care facilities for local people

We are pleased that our facilities will be open to those living in the local Highgate community and are currently talking to the NHS about how these facilities could also be provided through the public health system.

We understand that moving into a specialist care facility, whether for a short or long period, can be a very stressful time for residents and loved ones.

Our plans will provide residents with the support they need without having to move away from their family and friends. We recognise that for many in our communities, it is difficult to get the care they need, especially for those who are recovering from surgery or who need just a little bit of extra help on the road to recovery.


  • Summer 2021

    Pre-application consultation with local residents

  • Autumn 2021

    Submission of planning application

  • Winter/Spring 2022

    Council determine application

  • Summer 2022

    Start on site

  • Winter 2024

    Building opening

Listening to you

Over the summer of 2021 we consulted with a wide range of immediate neighbours, Councillors, amenity groups and other stakeholders on our plans for The View. Their feedback was invaluable in helping us evolve and improve our plans. The changes we made following their comments include:

  • Evolving the scheme from a strictly convalescence model to a convalescence and traditional care use model.
  • Changes to both the View Road and North Hill frontages.
  • Supplementary tree planting to help alleviate overlooking concerns.
  • Pulling the proposed building line back from a number of sensitive boundaries to adjacent properties.
  • Removal of the existing parking and crossover at the North Hill slip entrance.

Though the initial consultation on our plans is now closed, we still want to hear from you. If you have any comment please click below to email us.

Email us


The View is an exciting opportunity to build a vibrant and much needed care home and convalescence facility in the centre of the local community.

We acquired the Mary Feilding Guild care home in early 2021 and it closed permanently in May. Since then, we have received a number of questions.

Mary Feilding Guild is the name of the charity who formerly owned and managed the home, and it was a legal condition of sale that we could not keep the name.

We are aware that the decision to close the home led to some anxiety for residents and their families and our first priority was to support residents find new accommodation. Since then, all residents have found homes of their choice and moved out of the home by early May.

When the decision to close the home was announced, we carried out a consultation with staff members and since then have been assisting staff to find new roles.

The Mary Feilding Guild home was financially unsustainable for many years before it was put on the open market. Any new owner would need to make significant changes to make the home viable and such investment in facilities at the home would entail reconfiguration and major building works, causing a significant disturbance to current residents.

We believe without doubt that the home could not continue to function as previously operated by the Guild and in its current form is not adaptable to provide modern care or nursing facilities.

Whilst our plans will be focussed on the delivery of care and the well-being of our residents, we recognise many of our facilities would be desirable for those in the local community. This is why we have included within our proposals a two-storey rehabilitation and wellness centre, including a gym, hydrotherapy pool, restaurant and other wellness facilities which will be accessible to the local community, as well as to residents of the care and convalescence home.

During our consultation many people expressed a desire for there to be continued provision of ‘traditional’ residential care on the site – as there had been at Mary Feilding Guild – alongside the proposed use as a convalescence centre.

We have reflected on that feedback and have altered our planning application to now offer a dual use, providing for long-term senior care (including dementia and palliative care) alongside a rehabilitation centre for convalescence.

The London Plane trees along the northern boundary fall outside of the application site and are located on council owned land. We fully support the retention of these trees and will look to provide supplementary planting to help alleviate overlooking concerns.

We understand concerns regarding the potential impact of the basement. The proposed building line generally sits on that of the existing and so root protection zones are unlikely to be adversely affected. We aim to minimise encroachment as far as is practicable. This has been assessed in an Arboricultural Impact Assessment submitted as part of our proposals and will be considered by the Council’s Arboricultural Officer at the application consultation stage.

In the strict terms of garden area alone, there has been a modest reduction in garden space. However, this is due to the re-purposing of the landscape.

Currently, the garden is not well suited to residents with impaired mobility or for those in post-operative recovery. We are looking to provide wider pathways to improve accessibility, enhanced access to the gardens from the ground floor patio and the provision of green walls and additional planting to improve the safety and experience of residents.

This will make a broader variety of landscape available to more residents and for longer during the year. We will be delivering more green and permeable space over the existing garden which contains a significant amount of hard-standing area.

At ground floor, we will remove the existing parking and crossover at the North Hill Slip entrance and the existing hard standing will be re-landscaped with new soft planting. The existing waste store here will also be removed and consolidated within a single bin store accessible only from View Road, removing all operational HGV movements associated with the site from the North Hill slip. Staff will also be instructed not to park on North Hill slip as part of the site’s Travel Plan measures.

On View Road, we are widening gates to make them more appropriate for operational vehicle use with better crossovers and visibility. Vehicles will enter and exit one-way, reducing the number of cross movements and making it safer for pedestrians passing along View Road.

The proposed scheme will be very much more sustainable and energy efficient than the existing buildings. Sustainability and renewable energy principles are important and are being included as integral elements of the design of the scheme. These target:

  • Meeting and exceeding the minimum 35% total regulated carbon emission against Building regulations.
  • Prioritising the "Fabric First" approach through the use of high efficiency measures.
  • Use of renewable and low-carbon technologies to reduce our carbon emissions.
  • Reducing the risk of overheating through the use of passive design measures.
  • Achieving BREEAM New Construction 2018 "Very Good".
  • Applying circular economy principles in the selection and resource of the construction materials.
  • Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS).

These actions will help to reduce the running costs and maintenance fees, whilst future proofing our design.