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The View

The View will be a new premium care home in the heart of Highgate, providing specialist nursing and convalescence care.

Please take a moment to look at our plans and have your say.

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About us

The team at The View has over 25 years' experience in providing specialist, highly individualised care. By providing space which focusses on convalescence and respite for people of all ages, our plans will mix traditional care with state-of-the-art facilities.

We have developed an ethos which puts residents first and are committed to making all our homes vibrant and enjoyable places to live. We support residents’ welfare and lifestyle to provide the best possible quality of life for every resident and help them to convalesce in a supportive and luxurious setting with customised rehabilitation programmes.

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Our Offer

Our offer will provide a premium nursing and convalescence home with a relaxing and luxurious environment, including specialist staff and equipment, hydrotherapy, and gym.

Convalescent care is short-term care designed to help people recover from an operation with the support of our staff and facilities. Our home will be open to people of all ages who are recovering from a variety of medical procedures, offering active and structured recovery programmes.

We are delivering a convalescence model unique to London which has already seen great success in European countries such as Germany and Austria.

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Our Plans

  • The creation of a 70-unit care home with a mix of bedrooms and suites providing high-quality care specialising in the rehabilitation of those recovering from a variety of procedures.
  • Providing a comfortable place for recuperation for people of all ages, offering tailored treatment pathways for residents.
  • A two-storey community hub including a hydrotherapy pool, gym, wellness centre, restaurant and a range of living and seating areas open to all.
  • Repurposed landscaping to create an attractive garden and maintaining existing trees to ensure continued privacy between the site and its neighbours.
  • Incorporating sustainability into the design and utilising renewable technologies to reduce the energy footprint of the proposals.

We have held initial discussions with the Council, its design panel and local amenity groups and would like to hear your thoughts.

If you would like to provide any comments please do so via the Have Your Say section.

The presentation of our plans can be found here.

Illustrative view showing scheme from View Road
Illustrative view showing scheme from North Hill

Open to the Local Community

We understand that moving into a specialist care facility, whether for a short or long period, can be a very stressful time for residents and loved ones.

Our plans will provide residents with the bespoke support they need without having to move away from loved ones. We recognise that for many in our communities, it is difficult to get care they need, especially for those who are recovering from surgery or who need just a little bit of extra help on the road to recovery.

Our facilities including a gym, hydrotherapy pool, wellness centre, restaurant and a range of living and seating areas will be open to the those living in the local Highgate community.

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  • Summer 2021

    Pre-application consultation with local residents

  • Autumn 2021

    Submission of planning application

  • Winter 2021

    Council determine application

  • Summer 2022

    Start on site

  • Winter 2024

    Building opening

Have your say

As we work up our plans to create a modern, community focused care facility, we would love to hear your thoughts on our proposals and any suggestions you might have.

Simply fill in the form to have your say


The development of The View is an exciting opportunity to build a vibrant and much needed care home in the centre of the local community.

We acquired the Mary Feilding Guild care home in early 2021 before closing permanently in May. Since then, we have received a number of questions.

Mary Feilding Guild is the name of the charity who formerly owned and managed the home, and it was a legal condition of sale that we could not keep the name.

We are aware that the decision to close the home led to some anxiety for residents and their families and our first priority was to support residents find new accommodation. Since then, all residents have found homes of their choice and moved out of the home by early May.

When the decision to close the home was announced, we carried out a consultation with staff members and since then have been assisting staff to find new roles.

The Mary Feilding Guild home has been financially unsustainable for many years before it was put on the open market. Any new owner would need to make significant changes to make the home viable and such investment in facilities at the home would entail reconfiguration and major building works, causing a significant disturbance to current residents.

We believe without doubt that the home could not continue to function as previously operated by the Guild and in its current form is not adaptable to provide modern care or nursing facilities.

Our community will offer care for people of all ages, focussing on providing a convalescence space for who are recovering from a variety of procedures such as knee, shoulder or hip replacement surgery. As such, we will include a range of specialist facilities, activities and spaces all to focus on the recovery of residents through therapy and exercise.

Whilst our plans will be focussed on the delivery of care and the well-being of our residents, we recognise many of our facilities would be desirable for those in the local community. As such, we are currently looking at ways of opening up a selection of facilities and offer some of these services to local residents.